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Make sure that a trust is administered correctly with help from a qualified attorney near Novato, CA, and the surrounding areas. Codi M. Dada Law Offices is here to assist with a range of trust-related needs. Codi is a lawyer that cares deeply about his clients and aims to make legal concerns surrounding trusts less complicated.

What Does Trust Administration Entail?

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Trust administration is the process through which the trust is executed. This process begins by notifying any beneficiaries or heirs. Upon receiving the notice, beneficiaries will have a limited amount of time to contest the trust. Should the trust be contested, then it may proceed to litigation; if not, however, then administration can move forward accordingly. The trustee—or the individual in charge of trust administration—will need to take inventory of any assets, pay off any remaining debts owed by the deceased individual, and file taxes. Any property remaining will then be distributed.

Trust administration can be a somewhat intimidating and complicated process for those unfamiliar with what it entails. Working with a qualified trust lawyer can ease some of the stress and help you make sure the job is done properly.

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Codi M. Dada is a living trust attorney that can assist with litigation, administration, and more. His goal is to demystify the process of administering a trust and so will guide you from beginning to end. He is passionate about what he does and will go above and beyond to provide his clients with reliable assistance. Consider calling today if you’re near Novato, CA, or the surrounding areas. Receive your free initial consultation now.

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