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Considering the end of your life can be a difficult prospect. It is, however, incredibly important to prepare for the future. You want to make sure that your assets go to the correct places and that your family has an easier time after you’re gone. Creating a solid estate plan is the best way to assist your loved ones, but getting everything in place can be somewhat complicated and confusing. As such, it can be beneficial to work with an estate planning lawyer. An estate lawyer will have extensive knowledge of how legal procedures related to wills, trusts, and other estate planning needs are handled. As such, they can provide you with guidance on how to proceed.

Codi M. Dada Law Offices is a firm that provides service to clients throughout Novato, CA, and the surrounding areas. Codi M. Dada understands how difficult this process can be, both emotionally and technically. As such, he provides his clients with compassionate and knowledgeable assistance. He’ll take the time to speak with you personally and provide you with legal services that have been personalized to your unique needs. Trust him to provide you with guidance throughout the estate planning process.

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Losing a loved one is difficult, but it can be even more so if they didn’t have a plan in place for their estate. Trying to navigate the probate process can be difficult enough when a loved one has a will, never mind when they don’t. Oftentimes, working with a probate lawyer is the best option to make your life easier.

Codi M. Dada understands just how difficult the probate process can be. His goal is to help make probate less complicated; to that end, he will guide you step by step through the process, offering assistance to take the stress off your shoulders. He cares deeply about his clients and will work to make sure you get the assistance you need.

Secure Your Assets with a Trust

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A trust can be an excellent way to make sure your assets go to the right individuals. If you want to include a trust in your estate plan, then consider contacting an attorney like Codi M. Dada. Codi has over eight years of legal experience and a passion for helping others. He will provide you with advice on how to create a trust and provide you with legal support from start to finish. If you’re near Novato, CA, or the surrounding areas and want to learn more, then consider giving him a call. He offers free initial consultations to his clients.

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    • 5 star rating

      We cannot recommend Codi more highly. Our family Trust and Wills were 20 years old and we were looking... read more

      Holly G.
      5 star rating

      Codi Dada made the process of creating a revokable trust so easy. From the first call to signing the final... read more

      Susan P.
      5 star rating

      He makes you feel comfortable upon first meeting. Felt like we have known him for a very long time.... read more

      Mary A.
    • 5 star rating

      He was very helpful and did a great job with my father's estate trust revisions in a short period of... read more

      Debra S.

      Codi was so wonderful to work with. He helped answer my questions and gave me great guidance as to handling... read more

      Karen Blumenthal
      5 star rating

      I came to Codi for a probate matter, fearing that it would be expensive, complicated, time-consuming, and possibly in vain.After... read more

      Patrick T.
    • 5 star rating

      Codi was extremely helpful in working with me to update and enhance my living will and trust. He filled... read more

      Newsha G.
      5 star rating

      We were complete novices at estate planning, but Codi took us by the hand and patiently led us through the... read more

      Charles B.

      Codi is very helpful, professional, and easy to work with. Codi is responsive and I had a pleasure working with... read more

      Erik Heiser
    • Codi ran circles around a veteran lawyer who tried to get his client not to pay me. Codi's argument to... read more

      Blaire Constance
      5 star rating

      Codi was helpful and professional throughout the process, explaining things well and making the process easier to understand. He was... read more

      Erik H.
      5 star rating

      I put off drawing up a Living Trust for way too long. To some extent it was due to... read more

      Robin L.
    • Codi is a great guy, honest and reliable with excellent communications. Works hard and goes the extra steps beyond... read more

      Robert Zimmer
      5 star rating

      He outdid himself for what I expected and at a resonal price. At a flat rate I believe he goes... read more

      Mike C.
      5 star rating

      Codi is awesome. Extremely patient and professional. Codi knows his stuff and has a strong skill set in setting... read more

      Rich D.
    • *Honest as a Priest*Not only was Codi very knowledgeable, friendly and kept me informed, he was EXTREMELY HONEST, forthcoming and... read more

      Andrew Coxley

      Cody Dada is a professional lawyer. He listens to your concerns and help solve any of your legal problems. We... read more

      Michael Peterson
      5 star rating

      I did not know what to expect and was not sure who I should go with. When I found Codi... read more

      Jason W.
    • 5 star rating

      Codi is outstanding. He is friendly, professional, honest, reliable, and very thorough. When telephoned or emailed, he usual picks up... read more

      Hildie G.
      5 star rating

      Codi is a great guy, honest and reliable with excellent communications. Works hard and goes the extra steps beyond... read more

      Kevin L.
      5 star rating

      I never thought I'd be writing a complimentary review of an attorney, but Codi Dada certainly deserves it. I engaged... read more

      Donald B.
    • 5 star rating

      Great, knowledgeable attorney who made sur that we were well taken care of and he kept us informed during the... read more

      Thomas S.
      5 star rating

      Holy cow, Mr. Dada answered the phone himself before the second ring. He's at work day after Thanksgiving. I called... read more

      Sandy M.
      5 star rating

      Codi is a trusted attorney with years of experience. He has helped in numerous ways. He is dependable, honest, hard... read more

      Scott A.
    • 5 star rating

      Codi helped me create the documentation to establish an LLC for my small business as well as an estate plan... read more

      Buck R.
      5 star rating

      Codi is a great attorney. He has done really excellent work in the past and I would 100% recommend him... read more

      Ma9494ximilian H.
      5 star rating

      Codi took care of my divorce .was very professional. I would recommend him to anyone needing an... read more

      David M.
    • 5 star rating

      Codi is an excellent attorney. He knows how to win. He puts in far moe time to prepare than other... read more

      Kathy J.
      5 star rating

      I am writing this update RE:my review for the Law Office of Mr. Codi M.Dada. As I stated in my... read more

      Toni S.
      5 star rating

      I was just in Codi's office today and it was a dream come true. He is very easy to talk... read more

      Kim M.
    • 4 star rating

      Codi M. Dada is as solid as they come. Beginning with a family trust, and then extending into various legal... read more

      Chris S.

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