During the initial meeting with Codi M Dada Law Offices, expect to have a friendly but open conversation about your true concerns and desires about what you would like to happen with your assets and family situation. Remember that an attorney has a duty of confidentiality and cannot share any information learned about you and your family.

During this conversation, the attorney will carefully listen and address each question you may have while giving you solutions and personalized guidance. Remember, that the estate planning attorney has a legal duty and is under oath to maintain the privacy of all information you share with them. The attorney is not there to place judgment on you but rather, is there to make sure that what you want to happen with your assets happens the way you want.

For example, is there someone that is struggling with drug addiction or is there children from a previous marriage you want to protect/ prevent or is there an heir you believe may have special needs requiring special instructions or is there someone you think may not honorably handle the responsibility of receiving your gift. Although these topics might be uncomfortable to discuss, it is important the attorney is aware of these circumstances, so the proper provisions can be included in your estate plan.

At the end of the meeting, the attorney will give you an accurate price for the cost of drafting your estate plan and a definite date when your estate plan will be complete. The price should be based on a flat rate rather than an hourly rate. Because estate planning is an area of law that is foreseeable, a reputable law firm should always provide you with a concrete flat rate and delivery date rather than an estimate based on hourly rates.

You are under no obligation to hire the attorney. If you decide that you would like to hire the attorney to draft your estate plan, most attorneys will require full payment up front. The attorney is required to hold your payment in the attorney’s client trust account until you are completely satisfied with your estate plan and the attorney has completed everything they promised.

Nearly everyone with assets should at least have a will and a plan for what happens to their estate after they pass on. As estates become larger, or children are added into the mix, it becomes vital to have a detailed estate plan, ideally one which avoids the excessive costs associated with probate. Codi M Dada is the attorney who can see your individual circumstances and prepare you for the future - whatever it holds. See what Codi M Dada can do for you as an estate planning attorney here.

If you have assets that you plan to pass along to family members or others after your death, you should have a living trust built into your estate plan. Trusts have myriad benefits, among them being avoiding probate, tax benefits, and flexibility compared with other options. Codi M Dada is can meet your needs with speed and precision. Learn more about trusts and what Codi can do for you as a trust attorney here.

Call us! Codi M Dada Law Offices PC is the expert source for probate avoidance and administration. We make the process easy, due to our focused experience, targeted tools, and individual service. Learn more about probate administration services here.

Litigation is when tensions and unresolved issues (often due to a lack of proper estate planning) finally boil over and involved parties take one another to court. Codi M Dada's focus is on never letting things get to this point. A proper and carefully prepared estate plan, trust, or a well-administered probate case can keep tensions from boiling into litigation. As such, Codi M Dada does not do litigation. We focus on comprehensive and careful planning and administration that can keep you from lengthy and trying litigation processes.

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